P-013. Complex PARAKENGURU


The complex consists of fourteen backup columns at the height of: 2600 mm -3 pieces, 2300 mm-1 piece, 2000 mm-1 piece, 1400 mm-3 piece, 1100 mm- 4 piece, 450 mm -2 pieces.The complex includes swedish wall, three pull-up bars, multi-width parallel bars, multi-height parallel bars, climb-down bars and inclined parallel bars with bench. Distance between multi-width parallel bars- 1208mm at one end and 608mm- at another end, lenght of bars- 1790mm, bar diameter 42mm. Inclined parallel bar height difference- 966mm, lenght 1790mm, diameter 42mm. Multi-height parallel bar height difference -300mm, lenght- 1790mm, diameter- 42mm. Swedish wall section lenght 2067mm, width 1200mm, bar diameter- 34mm. Crossbar lenght: 2 pieces- 500mm, 3 pieces- 1200mm, diameter 34mm. All bars and sections are fixed to backup columns by means of collars. Weight – 453.50 kg.


Dimensions (mm): 2932×5212