WSWCF World Cup & Static Competition

WSWCF World Cup & Static Competition is happening live on June 26th for Freestyle and June 27th for statics in Kanab, Utah.

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New Kenguru Pro Park coming to Kanab Water Conservatory

Kenguru Pro is currently installing a new fitness park at Kanab Water Conservatory.

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Kenguru Professional to sponsor Clash of Saiyans

Kenguru Professional is proud to once again be the main sponsor and equipment provider of the 2nd Annual Clash of Saiyans calisthenics & street workout competition. 

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Freestyle calisthenics championship leaps into Orlando

There's a competition in town that not many of us have heard about but, in the past couple of years, it's gotten trendier, just like CrossFit or Ninja Warrior types of sports. For…

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KENGURU PRO workout grounds in Switzerland

New KENGURU PRO workout grounds were installed in Geneva. The site is located in the territory of the sports center Bou-du-Monde, located on the banks of the Arve River.

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Workout grounds in Binagadi district of Baku

On November 5, the public organization IDEA presented an improved residential area, as part of the Our Yard project in the Binagadi district of Baku.

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New workout grounds on a beach in France

New KENGURU PRO workout grounds have been installed on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea in Marseille. The gray coloring of the equipment and blue clamps transform the resort…

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Workout brings people together

Regular outdoor workout training is held at the KENGURU PRO workout grounds in Neskuchny Garden. As a rule, doing sports in a large group of people is highly effective: joint…

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