KENGURU PRO is a world leader in street workout and calisthenics equipment production.

KENGURU PRO produces and installs modern recreational for street workout, calisthenics, parkour, and more. KENGURU PRO’ sports grounds for street workout, calisthenics, and parkour are designed to meet international practices and recommendations of professional athletes. Quality, usability and design is our main focus. KENGURU PRO also popularizes street sports, promotes healthy lifestyles, and forms attraction among people towards recreational sports.

KENGURU PRO logistics centers are present in US, Russia, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Baltic states and the United Arab Emirates.

Kenguru Pro Workout Locations

We have implemented more than 3,500 projects around the world.

Kenguru Pro has provided safe and reliable calisthenics equipment all over the world! Whether it’s the extreme cold of Siberia, the temperate climates of Spain, or the altitude of the Rocky Mountains, we can provide safe and durable equipment to fit all of your exercise needs.  Moreover, our recreational and calisthenics equipment has passed a test of strength by the hundreds of thousands of athletes, who in some of the workout grounds are training almost around the clock.

We possess cutting-edge technology and unsurpassed quality, formed with the experience and recommendations of experts and athletes. We have updated all the metal processing technologies, began to use state-of-the-art materials, perfected horizontal bar connection nodes – clamps.

In 2016, we expanded the range of sports equipment: workout grounds for the disabled, workout equipment for gyms, workout for home and office.

Our Technology

Top Quality

Clamps are made of high-strength alloys. All KENGURU.PRO sports equipment has received European TUV quality certification and is recommended by the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation.

How To Order

  • By phone or email, we provide you with comprehensive information on the cost of our products, their characteristics and possible solutions of the task.
  • We help you to create unique grounds and we only need you to determine the size and functionality.
  • We prepare for you a complete technical description of the equipment for the grounds.
  • If you agree, we send you an invoice and sign the Contract.
  • Shipment of the equipment, after receipt of funds on our account, will be carried out within agreed delivery time depending of final destination.
  • You now have new workout grounds.

We're ready when you are.