2022 Kenguru Pro USA 2 Day Comp-Ference

June 25 & 26 | 2 Matts Path Ledyard, Connecticut.

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Sets & Reps Registration 6/26/2022


Register as an athlete for our Sets & Reps Competition on June 26th at 2 Matts Path, Ledyard, CT.  You must be at least 16 years of age to compete in this competition.

Hosted by @getbarefit


Reps and Sets Competition:

– Exercises Include: Pushup, Pull-ups, Dips, Squats,
and Muscle Ups.
– Athletes required to
participate in all exercises.
-Knock out style format.
-Each exercise will have a certain amount of reps to be
completed to advance to next round.
– Rounds will be on an incremental scale.
– All completed Reps will be
tallied up towards athletes Overall Score.
There will be individual winners for each exercise and an overall winner.

– Open to women and men
– No weight class
– No weighted Reps
– Not a timed Event



Kenguru Pro USA Comp-Ference

The Highest Level Freestyle Calisthentics Competition EVER

The Kenguru Pro USA Comp-ference is happening live on June 25th and 26th at 2 Matts Path Ledyard, Connecticut. We have invited influencers to host workshops that will help multiple calisthenics disciplines come together. We will be hosting three American Calisthenics Cups and one open sets & reps competition. This event will have the highest level freestyle competitions that has ever happened in the United States and it will determine who is the champion of the USA. If you would like to see this event in person mark your calendar today!

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