KENGURU PRO workout grounds in Switzerland

New KENGURU PRO workout grounds were installed in Geneva. The site is located in the territory of the sports center Bou-du-Monde, located on the banks of the Arve River.

Equipment complex K-031 was selected in the section Outdoor Equipment on the website KENGURU.PRO. The equipment complex consists of a classic Monkey bar, a Snake bar, two horizontal bars, a Swedish wall, double parallel bars and a bench for abs exercises. The length of the complex is less than 7 meters. This workout complex has the capacity of up to 5-6 people.

The equipment for the workout complex has been selected so that the person involved can exercise all the muscles of the body on each piece of equipment. The classic Monkey bar and Snake bar develop powerful chest, arms, and coordination of movements. Exercises on the horizontal bar allow you to comprehensively develop the upper part of the body and core muscles, just hanging on the horizontal bar is useful for the spine and posture.

The Swedish wall is a universal piece of equipment where you can develop abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms, back, leg muscles, as well as improve your stretching. In addition, for the advanced level there are such exercises as: leg raises, dragon flag, hanging press ups, Superman push ups, human flag and many others.

On the double parallel bars, emphasis is on the muscles of the back, abdomen, and arms. During performances, athletes often perform tricks on the double parallel bars to put on an exciting and memorable show. The bench for the abs exercises is very easy to use, a person of any level of sports training can work out the abdominal muscles unhindered.

The address of the sports complex:

  • Center sportif du Bout-du-Monde
  • Route de Vessy 12
  • 1206 Genève