New workout grounds on a beach in France

New KENGURU PRO workout grounds have been installed on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea in Marseille. The gray coloring of the equipment and blue clamps transform the resort area of the beach, and the layer of sand provides comfort and safety when training.
Up to 40 people can simultaneously undergo training on these grounds. The sports complex includes:
K-001. Triple cascade of horizontal bars for push-ups and pull-ups;
K-003. Classic two-level Monkey bar and 6 horizontal bars;
K-004. Snake bar, a Swedish wall, five classic grip horizontal bars;
K-008. low parallel bars (2 pcs.);
K-009. Multi-level, double parallel bars for push-ups;
K-011. Workout desk;
K-015. Bench;
K-023. Bench for press exercises;
K-006. Swedish wall;
K-007. Classic pull-up bar;
The grounds also include four wide horizontal bars for parkour and
specially designed workout equipment for people in wheelchairs with movement impairments:
P-003: Parallel bars raised at an angle.
P-007: Monkey bar raised at an angle.

Guests and locals of French beaches will not forget to do sports and at any time will be able to workout at the comprehensive KENGURU PRO workout grounds.